Our Company has two distinct but complementary divisions, Truckload (FTL) and Direct Delivery (LTL). We also provide customized Freight Management Services and, partnering with our Parent Company, ContainerWorld Forwarding Services Inc., we offer customized Third Party Logistics solutions.

FTL Truckload Division

The Truckload or Over the Road Division operates a large fleet of tri-axle vans hauling commodities to all major points in B.C. and Northern Alberta, utilizing a combination of Company and Owner Operator vehicles. Our fleets are based in Richmond, Kelowna and Kamloops, B.C. Upon request, we are able to provide heated service on all lanes. We offer overnight service to points on Vancouver Island and the B.C. Interior.

LTL Direct Delivery Division

The Direct Delivery Division provides LTL service to retail customers, both at dock and ground level, from a network of terminals throughout the Province of B.C. We also provide warehouse to warehouse LTL service. Unlike traditional LTL carriers, CLI's service operates primarily from core warehouses, that is, from warehouse 'direct' to retail, on a fixed delivery schedule. The result is a lower cost option for our clients, with a high standard of on time delivery.

We have a wide range of equipment geared to handle retail deliveries. From three-ton delivery vans, to fifty-one foot trailers (and everything in between!), we can service all rural and urban locations. All our delivery equipment is equipped with 5000 lb capacity hydraulic lift gates for ground level delivery.